Athletes Foot Remedies

There are several Essential oils that can be utilized in effective athletes foot remedies but there are 2 oils that work especially well together and are worthy of mention here.

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There are two oils in particular that are very powerful anti-fungal oils and well known for their ability to kill fungal infections using either a topical or internal application.

In the case of athletes foot remedies we will use a topical application of a blend which includes both of these very powerful oils.

note: For best results use only clinical grade essential oils. (Use this form to contact me if you don't know where you can get some)

Option #1

  • Start with an empty amber glass bottle. If you have already been using oils you may have an empty one that you can re-purpose for this use. 
  • Fill the bottle with a blend consisting of 30 drops Oregano, 20 drops Tea Tree and 10 drops of carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil. (a 3:2:1 ratio)
  • Apply a drop or two on your feet 3-4 times a day until the problem is resolved. 

Option #2

  • Start a foot-bath using hot water
  • Add 5 drops each of Oregano and Tea Tree oils to a cup of Epsom Salts
  • Mix the Epsom Salts and Essential Oils in with the hot water and soak your feet as long as the water remains warm
  • Repeat daily until the infection is destroyed

Option #3

  • Put 3-4 drops of Oregano Essential Oil directly on the infected area and use a blow-dryer to assist with absorption. 
  • Add another 3-4 drops of Tea Tree Oil and use the blow-dryer again.
  • Do this on a daily basis until the fungus is eliminated.

For more information about these oils please continue reading.

Single Oils For Athletes Foot Remedies

Oregano Essential Oil

Because of the powerful anti-fungal properties of Oregano Essential Oil, it is very effective in athletes foot remedies as well as remedies for other skin infections. (It is known as the most effective oil tested for candida)

Oregano contains a high level of compounds known as phenols including thymol and carvacrol which are able to kill fungus on contact.

More on Oregano Essential Oil and how to use it.

Tea Tree Oil

Treatment of interdigital tinea pedis with 25% and 50% tea tree oil solution.

Tea Tree Oil, or Melaleuca is an oil native to Australia which has  powerful, natural anti-fungal properties. It is also a broad spectrum antimicrobial.

It can also help defeat other fungal infections as well as scalp acne, candida infections & bacterial growths.

Combined with Oregano, as discussed above, they provide a very powerful "punch" for athletes foot remedies.

More on Tea Tree Oil and how to use it.

Recommended Oils for Athletes Foot Remedies

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