Pain Management With
Essential Oils

Pain results when nerve cells react to something amiss with your body. In pain management we look for ways to eliminate or at least reduce the pain temporarily.

In the past you have probably resorted to chemical means such as aspirin or other such quick and easy solutions.

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This page will introduce you to alternative methods using natural essential oils which have the ability to provide the relief you seek without exposing yourself to potentially harmful side effects.

Often pain is good as it serves as a warning so you can avoid further injury to yourself such as instances when you touch a very hot surface. There are times however when pain serves no useful purpose.

Let's start with three general processes and then we will introduce you to some more specific examples of pain along with links to the essential oils that can serve you best in your situation.

Pain Management Through Massage Therapy

Before using an oil for massage you should test it for skin sensitivity.

Massage therapy probably springs to your mind first when you think of using essential oils for pain management and well it should.

Many oils contain natural anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic or pain relieving properties so are well suited for this use.

Essential oils can easily penetrate your skin, especially when combined with the action of massage or heat. Once passed your skin barrier they can be easily absorbed into your blood and tissues.

As essential oils are often quite powerful, especially clinical grade oils, they should normally be added to a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil before use as a massage oil. (For spot applications this may not be necessary)

Pain Relieving Oils

For most pain management including joint, bone and arthritis pain as well as sore and damaged muscles, these oils can be very effective.

Meditation & Relaxation

If you have ever been is a lot of pain I am sure you know that relaxation can be extremely difficult but relaxation and meditation can be a powerful pain relieving combination.

Pain, especially head pain can be all consuming so you will need to use an essential oil which will help take your mind away from the pain.

Diffusing one of your favorite oils may be the answer. 

Oils that Help You Relax

Sit in a dark room and practice relaxation techniques by sitting in a reclined position, closing your eyes and breathing deeply and slowly. Concentrating on your breathing will help keep your mind from wandering.

Try Taking a Hot Relaxing Bath

My favorite pain relief method, especially with muscle pain is to take a hot bath and pour a few drops of True Lavender in the water while the tub is filling. Better still ... Put 10 -15 drops in a cup of Epsom Salts and add it to the water as the tub is filling.

After your bath and while your skin is still wet, try rubbing a drop of Wintergreen into the sore muscles. I love the smell of Wintergreen and it is one of the best pain management oils I know of.

Caution: Wintergreen can make your skin very hot so try only one drop at first. If you overdo it you can clean it off by rinsing with soap and water. Water alone may intensify the heat. Alternatively you can apply a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut to dilute the effect.


With any pain, especially chronic pain, the tendency is to restrict your movement in order to avoid intensifying it, but this is not pain management and can be a big mistake.

Movement can be very helpful in easing the feeling of chronic pain and as long as it is not damaging you should do it as often as possible. Try gently stretching the area or involving yourself in activities you enjoy in order to take your mind off the pain.

Yoga can be a very beneficial tool for pain management as it loosens and stretches your muscles, increases your range of motion and develops flexibility.

Egoscue, sometimes referred to as realignment yoga, is extremely beneficial if you suffer from chronic pain. I love Egoscue and take classes every week. I have found that training my body to stand and walk properly eliminates/relieves all sorts of aches and pains.

Water exercise can be extremely effective because it allows you to move your body in ways that are not always possible when your muscles are needed to hold you upright and fight gravity. Water also promotes relaxation and reduces muscle fatigue.

Using the pain relieving oils listed above should reduce your pain so you will feel more inclined to increase your activity level.

Some Specific Pain Management Issues

Arthritis Pain

Essential oils can be used in Arthritis pain relief and should be included as part of your plan with the approval and direction of your health care professional. (see also "Inflammation" below)

For more information check out my page "Arthritis Pain Relief".


Inflammation is part of your body's immune response and is generally considered a "good thing" however, when it is out of control it can be responsible for a multitude of undesirable and sometimes serious diseases and conditions.

WebMD provides a very good explanation of the dangers associated with inflammation so we don't need to go into that detail here.

Essential oils have a natural healing power which can help you reduce inflammation and pain so you can get back to your normal activity level as quickly as possible.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has gone on record to recommend some anti-inflammatory essential oils for our use:

In addition to these oils you should also consider:

That is quite a list so my recommendation would be to identify the ones that serve more than one purpose and add them to your pain management arsenal. Click on the links above to identify other benefits of each oil.

Heel Pain

Essential oils can be effectively used for heel pain treatment & can be safely combined and taken topically, aromatically as well as internally without any fear of interference or adverse reactions.

For more information check out my page on Heel Pain Treatment.

Joint Pain

Joint pain remedies using essential oils can provide quick relief that is free of virtually all undesirable side effects. Essential oils increase circulation and reduce inflammation, bruising & swelling.

For more information check out my page on Joint Pain Remedies


Migraines used to be a very big issue for me so this topic is near and dear to my heart.

If you suffer from Migraines I am sure you will agree with me when I say "they are the most debilitating pain of all".

Of course that is just me and perhaps you. We may get some argument here but they do deserve some attention and I have found essential oils to be very effective.

Because of the diverse reasons you could have for getting your migraines, the most obvious first step would be to attempt to remove the trigger that causes them in the first place.

Once you have accomplished that, if the pain remains there are a number of techniques you can try which involve essential oils:

  • Peppermint Oil, neat or diluted up to 50% with a carrier oil can be massaged into your temples, the back of your neck and across your forehead.
  • 1-3 drops of True Lavender on your neck, forehead and over sinuses can reduce sinus pressure. (avoid your eyes)
  • Ginger Oil diluted to 50% can be applied directly to your neck, temples or forehead to ease migraines
  • mix 2 drops each of myrtle oil with a carrier oil and massage into your temples

Eucalyptus Globulus Oil can also be added to your bath water; Eucalyptus Radiata oil can be placed onto your palms or a tissue paper and inhaled.

Essential oil migraine remedies are safe and effective because they stimulate circulation and improve oxygen transfer in your blood and brain without the nasty side effects of over the counter drugs.

For more information check out my page on Migraines.

Nerve Pain

Nerve Pain can be treated using essential oils with antiphlogistic, analgesic, antispasmodic & anti-inflammatory properties. Essential oils can constrict the blood vessels, remove inflammation, increase circulation, as well as rebuild cells and regenerate nerves 

For more information check out my page on Nerve Pain.

Shingles Pain

Essential oils can be used effective in treating shingles pain.

Not only can they reduce pain, but they are also effective at calming blisters and reducing the itching that shingles cause.

For more information check out my page on Shingle Pain.

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If you have any questions/concerns feel free to contact me.

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