Weight Loss Using Essential Oil

The purpose of a good weight loss program is to maintain the weight that has the least risk of health problems. Healthy eating and good exercise habits should be enough but unfortunately other factors often interfere. 

If you give your body the nutrition it needs it will go to work performing its task which is to keep you healthy, fit and at your ideal weight whether that requires an increase or a decrease in weight.

There are 9 oils that I would like to discuss on this page. Each of them will assist in one or more of 4 areas of weight loss concern.

  • Build up of Toxins
  • Stress
  • Controlling Appetite
  • Nutrition

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Toxins - No. 1 Enemy of Weight Loss 

Arguably the biggest problem facing any weight loss program is the buildup of toxins in your system.

As you are probably aware your body is constantly bombarded with toxins from the food you eat to the air you breathe. These toxins will be either fat soluble or water soluble. The water soluble toxins are simply flushed out by your body via the blood and kidneys, but the fat soluble toxins can pose a very real problem.

If your digestive processes are not functioning optimally they are unable to expel these toxins from your body. In order to protect your major organs these toxins are stored by your liver and in your fat cells.

What Happens When You Begin to Lose Weight?

Most of the weight loss systems (diets) you may have tried in the past are successful; at least they work initially.

So why are you reading this page? What happened?

When you begin to lose weight the toxins stored in your fat cells are released back into your system and your body responds by creating more fat cells to imprison them again.

Suddenly you've hit a plateau and are no longer making any progress, or worse ... The weight starts to slowly return.

Has this ever happened to you?

You are not alone because this is the biggest reason why most people fail at weight loss no matter how hard they try.

Fortunately there are at least 7 essential oils that can help you with detoxification.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Massage a couple drops of Bergamot over your abdomen to support a normal digestive function.

A few drops of Bergamot in your steam room or sauna will assist with detoxification.

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Black Pepper Essential Oil

Massage a 50:50 blend of Black Pepper Oil and carrier oil on your abdomen to promote normal digestion.

Also massage this blend on afflicted areas to improve circulation.

Include some Black Pepper Oil in your recipes to create some very savory dishes which will assist with your weight loss goals.

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Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Oil is commonly used to help remove toxins from the body.

Sprinkle 7-8 drops over your stomach area and massage it in or add them to your favorite beverage.

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Lemon Essential Oil

Centuries ago the ancient Egyptians used Lemon Essential Oil to detoxify the body. We now know that Lemon will assist in detoxifying your liver.

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Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil will help to relieve your stress and encourage metabolic detoxification. It is also rich in antioxidants.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil can be applied topically, or taken internally to detox your body. I like putting a drop in my drinking water.

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Tangerine Essential Oil

Tangerine essential oil also works great to flavor your drinking water as it goes to work detoxifying your body and cleansing your digestive system.

A 50:50 blend with Tangerine and carrier oil can be massaged into your skin to help with fluid retention.

Tangerine oil will help purify your blood.

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Stress is a big enemy to your weight loss efforts because, not only does it interfere with your body's natural processes but it also provides the incentive/need to over indulge in bad eating habits.

Essential oils can play a large role in your weight loss efforts by eliminating or reducing your stress level, especially at meal time.

At least five oils that will assist in this area are:

Orange Essential Oil

Orange can be used both topically and aromatically to reduce stress in your life.

Try diffusing orange oil into your environment to help ease stress and relax your mind.

Try pampering yourself with a hot bath using 15 drops of orange in a cup of Epsom salts. Add the combination slowly to the water after filling the tub so the aroma will be released gradually.

For an even easier solution rub a couple drops into your palms or on a Kleenex and inhale deeply. You will find this will calm your nerves and relax your mind.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil is well known for its ability to calm and relax. 

Restless SleepReduce irritability and increase patience by: 

  • adding a few drops of Roman Chamomile oil in a cup of Epsom salts to your bath, 
  • inhaling it, or 
  • massaging a 50:50 blend of Roman Chamomile and carrier oil on the back of your neck, your sinuses, chest, shoulders, abdomen and feet.

Take the same 50:50 blend in a gelatin cap once a day with a meal. 

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Rosemary Essential Oil

Similarly to the Orange Oil you can rub a couple drops of Rosemary Essential Oil into your palms and inhale deeply. This will provide mental clarity as well as a sense of confidence.

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Sweet Basil Essential Oil

Sweet Basil is well known in aromatherapy for its ability to awaken your mind and calm your nerves.

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Tangerine Essential Oil

Aromatically, Tangerine oil can help provide a positive mood by calming your mind and body. It will help dismiss any feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and irritability:

  • Diffusing 20 drops into the air will soothe your nervous system and reduce stress and tension which are major enemies to weight loss.
  • Apply 2-3 drops of on a tissue and place it on your pillow when you go to bed to uplift your mood, relieve nervousness, and dismiss those unwanted thoughts
  • Rub 2-3 drops of diluted Tangerine oil into your palms and inhale when you are feeling nervous or are experiencing uneasy feelings.

Try pampering yourself with a hot bath using 15 drops of tangerine in a cup of Epsom salts. Add the combination slowly to the water after filling the tub so the aroma will be released gradually.

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These oils are listed here because of their possible contributions to your weight management / weight loss goals. For general anti-stress strategies consider oils used in aromatherapy for emotional balance.

Control Your Appetite

Burning more calories than you take in may be a simple math formula but putting it into practice can be quite a different matter.

Your body gets used to your food intake and when you try to make adjustments it often rebels. Craving foods is simply your body telling you that it isn't getting what it needs.

Initially cravings will probably be for foods that contain sugar or fat because that is what you have been feeding your body in the past. When this occurs your body goes into starvation mode, hoards the fat it already has (you stop losing weight) and asks for more (you have problems continuing your diet).

What Happens When You Feed Your Cells Good Nutrition?

If you replace those empty calories with good nutritional foods and quality supplements your body will respond by rewarding you with extra energy and a sense of well being.

Once you have accomplished the transition all your cravings will disappear and weight loss will become easy (in theory).

Here are 5 oils which will help with appetite control and metabolism:

Bergamot Essential Oil

Diffuse Bergamot Essential Oil or add it to a gelatin capsule and take by mouth, to help regulate appetite naturally.

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Grapefruit Essential Oil

Apply 1-2 drops of Grapefruit oil to the stomach or back of the neck to help curb cravings throughout the day

More on Grapefruit Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon oil in a glass of water taken before meals will help to suppress your appetite.

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Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is also very well known as a natural appetite suppressant. Most people will take it internally but did you know it will also work when diffused into the air?

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Sweet Basil Essential Oil

Massage a drop of Sweet Basil on your ear lobes or lick a trace off the back of your hand in order to eliminate any desires to binge eat.

More on Sweet Basil Oil

Nutrition is Crucial in Weight loss

Do not make the mistake of starving yourself or tricking your body into "thinking" you have had enough food; appetite suppressants, unless they have all natural whole food ingredients are not the best for your health.

Instead of depriving your body of certain food groups that your body needs to perform, think about feeding it good quality nutrition. 

You need to feed your cells so they have all the nourishment they require to perform the duties that they were designed for.

Contrary to the popular saying, You are not what YOU eat ....

"You Are What Your Cells Eat"

So .... Feed your cells!

Orange Essential Oil

Orange oil is rich in antioxidants, which protect cells from damaging free radicals.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint will make your drinking water taste great and is great as a natural dietary supplement; you can also take it in a gelatin capsule.

Peppermint oil is a good source of calcium, copper, folate, iron, manganese, magnesium and potassium. It also contains Vitamins A and C and omega-3 fatty acids.

More on Peppermint Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary can be taken internally as a supplement in a gelatin capsule or added to a recipe.

Massage a few drops of Rosemary oil into your feet each day to provide your body with valuable antioxidants

More on Rosemary Essential Oil

Sweet Basil Essential Oil

Put 2-3 drops of Sweet Basil oil in a gelatin capsule to take as a natural dietary supplement.

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Tangerine Essential Oil

Tangerine oil contain flavonoid anti-oxidants like carotenes, hesperetin, luteins, naringenin, naringin, xanthins. It also contains vitamins A and C.

More on Tangerine Oil


Orange Essential Oil

Add 2 or 3 drops of Orange oil to an oz. of carrier oil and massage into your lower back area to help support healthy digestion.

Lemon Essential Oil

Consuming Lemon Oil will provide your body with much needed antioxidants, assist with digestion and help boost your metabolism.

Massage 7-8 drops of Lemon oil over your stomach area, or add a few drops to your favorite beverage to promote normal digestive health. 

More on Lemon Essential Oil

Tangerine Essential Oil

Much like lemon and orange Tangerine Oil can be used to promote normal digestive function: 

  • Dilute a couple drops to 50:50 with carrier oil and massage on your abdomen
  • Blend Tangerine with a carrier oil 25:75 in a gelatin capsule and consume. Gelatin capsule are available through Amazon.

More on Tangerine Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Oil has long been touted as an ingredient that calms upset stomachs by assisting with digestion. In order to promote normal digestive and intestinal functions:

  • Blend 50:50 with a carrier oil and massage on your abdomen
  • Rub a couple drops on your palms or place on a tissue and breathe in deeply.

More on Peppermint Oil

General Advice

Good weight management does not only mean what you eat or what you do physically.

If you truly want to succeed with your weight loss goals there are a few intangibles that you need to incorporate.

You should consume all your meals in a relaxed way so that they may be enjoyed to the fullest and not rushed in any way.

I am sure you have heard people talk about the benefits of having an "Attitude of Gratitude". Begin your meals with prayer expressing your gratitude to God and those that prepared the meal.

Before and after each meal, relax with a cup of hot water/tea and your favorite flavoring oil with some honey mixed in. This habit will assist with healthy digestion at the start of your meal as well as a logical end so you don't fall into the habit of over indulging.

Eat your meals slowly and enjoy the smells and tastes of the food instead of thinking about your day or what you need to accomplish when you are finished.

Do not eat in front of the TV or anywhere that you can be distracted from enjoying your meal; don't indulge in arguments or stressful situations with others at the table.

Stop eating when you are comfortable. This is another reason for eating slowly as quick eaters often don't realize it until they have already eaten too much.

Do not resume activities immediately after eating a meal. If possible spend some more relaxing time to let your meal settle.

Brushing your teeth after eating is another way of signaling to your mind that you are finished your meal.

Consider Fasting

When you read that title I know your first thought was "Starve myself? Are you Kidding me?"

Actually fasting is not as hard as you may think and it can be for as little as 24 hours 3 times a week. Fasting has been practiced in every major religion and for very good reason... 

It works... and not just for loosing weight!

You will be amazed at how good you will feel during and after a fast.

Oils for Weight Loss

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The companies I use and recommend guarantee the quality of their oils and I believe you will be satisfied with all your purchases, I am.

If you have any questions/concerns feel free to contact me.

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