Clinical Grade Essential Oils

The term Clinical Grade Essential Oils is not so much a regulated grade as it is simply an assertion of quality that goes above and beyond all other oils whether or not they are certified.

Please continue reading and I will explain.

We are all aware of the problems that can occur whenever we throw around terms that are supposedly regulated by some government body.

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The term "organic" is a great example.

Organic implies that a product uses totally natural ingredients with no chemicals or preservatives used either in the growing or processing of the finished product.

In reality the term has been hijacked to include products that rational people would not think of as organic. See this interesting article posted on "ScienceBlogs" for a great explanation of this.

What Are Clinical Grade Essential Oils?

Clinical grade simply means that the oil meets the standards required for clinical trials.  It means it is pure and natural (from the dictionary meaning of these words) and contains only the oil advertised on the label.

Ok, I know what you are thinking. "Who decides if a given oil meets these standards? After all, aren't we still expected to trust the words of the company selling the oil?" 

The term "clinical grade essential oils" means that the oils are pure enough to be used in clinical trials. Any oil that is not 100% pure and unadulterated would skew the results of the trial rendering them meaningless.

Are Clinical Grade Claims Enough?

Because there is no government body policing this industry there is no penalty that can be applied against companies that lie about the quality of their product so ...

A company that claims to sell oils of this high quality will need to be able to produce test results on every batch it produces and these results should be available for viewing by any interested party at any time. 

Companies can't simply state that their oils are clinical grade essential oils and then leave it up to you to prove otherwise. "On demand test results" mean 100% transparency.

This is the only way you can be sure that their claim of clinical grade quality is accurate.

Tests That Prove Clinical Grade Essential Oils

Here are a few of the tests you should be able to view to be satisfied that an oil is clinical grade:


Separates and analyzes the qualitative and quantitative compounds found in the essential oil to ensure that its concentration of compounds is unique.


Shows list of principal constituents of the oil tested.


Infrared light is passed through a sample in a range of frequencies to measure the amount of light absorbed; then the potency and quality of the oil is determined by identifying its overall structure compared to a high standard.


Tests the basic aspects of the oil as experienced by the user's senses, such as sight, smell, touch and taste.


These tests measure the degree, speed, and way light passes through each essential oil. If the behavior of the light is not as expected, the oil is impure and is identified as unacceptable for use.


These tests measure the degree, speed, and way light passes through each essential oil. If the behavior of the light is not as expected, the oil is impure and is identified as unacceptable for use.


Each essential oil contains a unique set of constituents. In a temperature-controlled environment each oil has a predictable weight. If the weight is not in an acceptable range, it is rejected for use.


By utilizing Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscope (ICP-MS) testing, oil samples are separated into individual elements and analyzed by experts, giving parts per billion resolution of potential contamination.


Checks for hazardous pathogens by testing for total coliforms, total plate count, total yeast and mold, E. Coli, salmonella, S. aureus, and P. aeruginosa throughout the manufacturing and production process.

Clinical Grade Essential Oils - PASSED

If your oil passes all these tests, you can be confident that it is clinical grade and that the supplier is not simply using the term as a marketing strategy.

For more information see my page on Essential Oil Quality 

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