Toenail Fungus Remedy

There are several Essential oils that can be utilized in a Toenail Fungus Remedy.

Typically, anti-fungal creams and pills are often prescribed by dermatologists or podiatrists but did you know that many essential oils have anti-fungal properties which are even better suited to destroying the dermatophytic fungi than pharmaceuticals?

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This page will discuss the oils and methods of application which you can apply for both immediate and long term relief from this very common ailment which can affect almost everybody at some time in their lives.  

You Need a Toenail Fungus Remedy If...

Watch for some of the following conditions which can indicate the need for an essential oil toenail fungus remedy:

  • White patches or dots
  • Edges turn yellowish
  • Misshapen
  • Dull or dark color
  • Brittle nails
  • Nails detach
  • Painful areas
  • Ragged and brittle
  • Foul odor
  • Change of color
  • Soft and easily break
  • Thick and hard to cut

What Causes Toenail Fungus?

You should also be aware that the symptoms of toenail fungus can be a sign of candida virus or yeast within your system.

Fungi thrives in warm damp conditions such as sweaty socks, public showers, closed shoes and swimming pools.

Your toes are especially susceptible to fungus because they are constantly exposed to one or more of these conditions. It is important to keep them as dry as possible and cleaned frequently.

To avoid potential infection do the following:

  • Wear clean, dry socks and change them daily. Recommendation
  • Wear beach style shoes at public pools
  • Choose socks made of breathable material
  • Treat cuts promptly and apply protective bandages
  • Use Essential Oils

Why Essential Oils?

There are many pharmaceutical remedies available but aside from potential side effects, there is another reason to use natural  products such as essential oils.

Have you heard of the concern in the medical community about drug resistant bugs becoming immune to the effects of antibiotics?

In this same way, your body may also build up a resistance to the chemical ingredients contained in the drugs you purchase. If this happens these drugs can become useless to you as a toenail fungus remedy. 

Essential oils on the other hand are very complex in nature and it is extremely unlikely that they can become compromised. In addition, oils are not subject to the risk associated with combining products. Multiple oils can be used together in a blend to synergistically attack the problem.

Essential oils can also be used for quick relief in the short term, and for a more complete recovery, as a long term strategy. We will discuss both short and long term options on this page.

First, to obtain some immediate relief, let's cover...

Short Term Relief

Fungal infections have a nasty habit of returning even after they appear to have been cured, so a short term treatment is rarely the final answer.

We will discuss long term options later but it is understood that if you are suffering from a toenail fungus, your first requirement is short term relief.

What follows is a list of single oils and blends which can be used for immediate treatment and then we will follow up with a more permanent, long term answer. 

Single Oils for Toenail Fungus Remedy

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon Essential Oil contains high levels of eugenol (greater than 30%) that kills fungus and also boosts immune protection against future infections.

Cinnamon oil a very old and trusted toenail fungus remedy which has been used time and time again with great results.

It can be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil and applied directly to affected areas as needed, or used in a cotton ball compress on a daily basis.

More on Cinnamon Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

True Lavender Essential Oil has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties and works well as a toenail fungus remedy.

Lavender Oil is best used at bed time and when used regularly it not only eliminates toenail fungus but also prevents future reinfections.

Put a couple drops directly on the infected nail and allow it to soak in. Continue this process each night for several weeks even though it may appear that the infection is gone. Some people like to put on a clean pair of cotton or wool socks to assist with this treatment.

note: Due to the popularity of Lavender Essential Oils, there are many products on the market that simply use chemicals to imitate the fragrance of the oil. These fraudulent products may be cheaper than the real thing but have absolutely no value or effectiveness in treating any health related issue you may be experiencing. Make sure you are using only clinical grade oils.  

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Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties which, not only serves as a great toenail fungus remedy, but also eliminates other issues that may arise from a fungal infection.

You can apply the oil directly on your toenail or, if you prefer, dilute it with some carrier oil such as coconut oil. Allow the oil to soak in all around the nail to ensure the best coverage.

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Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano has very powerful anti-fungal properties which make it superior to prescription antibiotics. It is very effective at killing fungus as well as mold and other causes of candida.

Oregano contains a high amount of thymol, which has been proven very effective in treating conditions such as Candida, yeast, athlete’s foot and nail fungus.

Oregano works especially well as a toenail fungus remedy when paired with Tea Tree Essential Oil (discussed below).

Apply 3-4 drops directly on the infected toenail and allow time for it to soak in. Follow up with the same amount of Tea Tree Oil if you wish. A blow-dryer can help the with quicker absorption. Follow this process daily until completely satisfied that the fungus has been eliminated.

If you have sensitive skin you can dilute the oils with a carrier oil like coconut oil.

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Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree, also known as Melaleuca, is another natural anti-fungal agent and when combined with Oregano packs a very powerful punch. (Follow instructions under the heading "Oregano Essential Oil" above)

Tea Tree should also be diluted with a carrier oil before application.

Another option: After soaking your feet, mix and apply 1 drop each of the following oils to the affected toes:

Repeat daily until the condition has cleared up then you will be ready to start repairing and strengthening your toenails.

  • To strengthen, mix 1 drop each of Grapefruit Oil with Lavender Oil and apply directly 3 times a day until they have returned to normal. 

More on Tea Tree Essential Oil

Thyme Essential Oil

Thymol, the active ingredient in Thyme Essential Oil is an antioxidant with some very impressive anti-fungal properties. As a result, Thyme oil can be an effective toenail fungus remedy. 

Mix Thyme with an equal amount of carrier oil such as coconut oil and massage it into the affected toenail each morning and again at night.

More on Thyme Essential Oil

Blended Oils That Can Help

The following are examples of using multiple oils as a toenail fungus remedy which will work together to address various aspects of the problem.

Clicking on the links will open new windows so you can see the advantages of each oil separately.

Blend #1

In a separate bottle combine equal amounts of the following three oils: 

From this bottle add 3 drops in a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and use it to dry out the area you wish to treat.

Follow up by applying the blend 3-4 times a day as long as needed.

Blend #2

Blend the following oils into a foot bath using a cup of Epsom Salts:

Blend #3

Here is another blend to use in a foot bath. This one is my daughter's favorite toenail fungus remedy.

Add 3 drops each of Oregano and Tea Tree Oil to 1/2 cup of Epsom Salts in some hot water and soak your feet.

Long Term Treatment

Note: For your safety and for optimum results you should always look for Clinical Grade Oils especially when you intend to consume them internally. 

You can treat the immediate problem and beat back the infection using the above single oils in an external application, but long term treatment consuming the oils internally is needed to completely eliminate it. 

Fungal infections often return if not completely removed from your body using a thorough cleansing process which can take an extended period of time. This kind of long term (1 year) treatment is best done with the approval of, or under the guidance of your medical professional.

We suggest two essential oil blends to accomplish this:

Liver Cleanse

Your liver is one of the most important organs for maintaining your health and you need to keep it clean and healthy at all times.

A liver cleanse is needed in order to completely eliminate the fungus that has gained a foothold in your system.

The following is one example of a good quality liver cleanse:

You can consume a small amount of the blend by using a toothpick to stir a trace into your drinking water or a cup of herbal tea.

For a more intense treatment try a 50:50 mix with a carrier oil and consume it in a gelatin capsule.

To reinforce the treatment you can also dilute it down to 5% with a carrier oil and massage it over your abdomen and liver as well as the liver points on your right foot. see more about this here - note the right foot appears on the left side of the image  

Immune Balancing Blend

The immune balancing blend can be consumed by gelatin capsule with food once or twice a day.

Mix the oils into a separate bottle according to the following formula and then use it to fill the capsule together with an equal amount of carrier oil such as coconut oil.

You can also add this blend to a carrier oil at a 20:80 ratio and apply it topically over your spleen and thymus in order to enhance the treatment.

If you have skin or respiratory allergies, use the immune cleanse on your feet. 

Recommended Oils for a Nail Fungus Remedy

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Where Can I Get These Oils?

I don't sell oils but here are my
recommended sources.

The companies I use and recommend guarantee the quality of their oils and I believe you will be satisfied with all your purchases, I am.

If you have any questions/concerns feel free to contact me.

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