Vinegar Home Remedies E-book

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Vinegar Home Remedies e-book Table of Contents

Not Just Another Vinegar Home Remedies e-book    7
Consider This if You Will    7
Have You Heard the Stories?    8
Why the Interest in Vinegar?    8
Old Home Remedies    9
You Have Some Doubts    10
Vinegar Proof    11
The Difference Between Knowing and Proving    11
Is it a Placebo?    12
An Instant "Vinegar Proof" Example    12
So When is Proof Needed?    12
Why Not Require Proof Every Time?    12
For Serious Conditions    13
For Minor Ailments    13
Vinegar Cures    14
So Where IS the Proof?    14
To Confuse the Issue Further    14
Are Prescription Drugs Any Different?    16
Non-Prescription Drugs    16
Don't Be Opinionated    17
Your pH Balance    17
The Litmus Paper Test    17
The Very Best Way to Restore Your pH Balance?    18
How Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help?    18
How can Vinegar be Alkaline?    19
Want A Vinegar Boost?    19
Vinegar Mother    20
Why Would You Want to Keep Mother of Vinegar?    20
Does it Really Add to the Potential Benefits?    20
Vinegar Types    21
Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)    21
White Vinegar (White Distilled Vinegar)    21
Red Wine Vinegar    21
White Wine Vinegar    21
Balsamic Vinegar    22
Malt Vinegar    22
Cane Vinegar    22
Coconut Vinegar    22
Rice Vinegar    22
Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)    23
What are the benefits?    23
What Does it Do?    24
Chronic Diseases    24
Diabetes    24
Why is this Important?    25
What Happens?    25
So What Will Vinegar Do For You?    25
Arthritis Treatments    26
Apple Cider Vinegar    27
Conquering Arthritis    27
Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment    28
What is Your First Step?    28
How can Vinegar Home Remedies Help?    28
Osteoarthritis    29
What is Osteoarthritis?    29
Gout    30
How Apple Cider Vinegar Works    30
How Should I Take ACV?    30
Are There any Side Effects?    30
Psoriatic Arthritis    30
Apple Cider Vinegar vs. Psoriatic Arthritis    31
Apple Cider Vinegar Does Help    31
Don’t Stress Your Liver    32
Increase Your Oxygen Flow    32
Increase your Essential Fatty Acids    32
Vinegar Weight Loss    33
The Reality From a Vinegar Weight Loss Perspective    33
So What DOES Vinegar Do?    34
Full Body Detox Cleanse    35
What Happens to Your Body Over Time?    35
Is There A Better Way?    35
Apple Cider Vinegar Detox    35
Natural Deodorant    36
Other Natural Remedies    36
Digestion    36
Digestion – The Key to Your Body’s Healing Powers    37
Acid Indigestion    37
Add Acid NOT AntAcid    37
What is Really Happening?    38
Vinegar Has Always Worked on Acid Indigestion    38
Heartburn    39
What's Wrong With Your Digestion    39
Standard Treatments    39
Better Treatments    40
Constipation    40
What Causes Constipation?    40
What Are The Signs?    40
What Are The Risks?    41
So How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help?    41
Stop Diarrhea    41
What Causes Diarrhea?    41
Urinary Tract Infection    42
How does Vinegar Help?    42
Other Natural Remedies    43
Cold Remedies    43
Natural Cough Remedy Using Apple Cider and Honey    43
Chronic Cough    44
Natural Cough Remedies for the Brave    44
What if You Start Late?    44
Other Popular Natural Sinus Remedies    45
Flu Remedies    45
Some Cautionary Comments    45
Vaccines Are Not the Answer    45
Apple Cider Vinegar - The Flu Remedy    46
The Vaccine Paradox    46
Try this Experiment    46
How Should You Drink it?    47
Other Methods    47
Laryngitis    47
Use a Vinegar Compress    48
Yeast Infection    48
Other Natural Remedies    48
What to Avoid    49
Migraine Treatments    49
Mother Goose’s Melody (1781)    49
Migraine Headaches    50
Tension Headaches    50
Cluster Headaches    51
Sinus Headaches    51
Rebound Headaches    51
The Vinegar Solution    51
My Experience with Tension Headaches    52
Infertility    53
What Makes Us Believe that Vinegar Helps?    53
What About Humans?    53
Skin Care    54
Vinegar? …. On a Sunburn?    55
What Does Vinegar Do For Your Skin?    55
So How Does it Work?    55
Take an Apple Cider Vinegar Bath    56
Burn Treatment    56
When Should You Obtain Medical Treatment?    57
Natural Acne Cures    57
Then What DOES Vinegar Do?    58
Bonus    58
How To Apply ACV    58
What Are The Side Effects?    58
Eczema Cures    58
External Causes and Applications    59
Internal Solution    59
Constipation is Your Enemy!    60
Itchy Skin?    60
Athletes Foot    61
Not an Athlete You Say?    61
How Do You Get Rid of It?    61
Application for Athlete’s Foot    62
How Do You Avoid Athletes Foot?    62
Toenail Fungus    62
Removing Warts Using Vinegar    63
How Does it Work?    63
Age Spot Removal    63
Mosquito Bites    64
I Like Using Vinegar    64
White Teeth    64
Take Vinegar For Instance    65
Laundry    65
Ironing    66
Cloth Diapers    66
Collars and Cuffs    66
Stain Remover    67
Underarm Marks    67
Removing Tar    67
Prevent Running Colors    67
Remove Stiffness from New Jeans    67
Fabric Softener    67
Letting Down Hems    67
Prevent Fading    67
Dyeing    67
Indoor Air    69
What happened to Change Our Indoor Environment?    69
What Has This Got to do With Vinegar?    69
An Effective Combination    70
Or Used Separately    70
Showerheads    71
Rust Removal    71
Rust Stains on Your Clothes    71
Rust in Your Clothes Washer    71
Steam Iron    72
Tools and Other Small Objects    72
Rusty Car Parts    72
Pet World    72
Eliminating Fleas    73
Vinegar as a Supplement    73
Treating Infections    73
Cleaning    73
Dog Training    73
Eliminate Fleas    74
First Step in Flea Pest Control is a Bath    74
Periodic Skin Treatments    74
Drinking Water    74
Vinegar in the Wash    75
Furniture and Carpets    75
Other Natural Remedies    75
Eliminate Gnats    75
Replace Unintentional Gnat Attractions    75
Trap and Eliminate    76
First Aid    77
Bugs    77
Animals    78
Tools    78
Laundry    78
Clothes    78
Bathroom    78
Beauty    78

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