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Unlike chemical products available from your drug store, essential oil blends work in synergy with each other so you can mix and match different oils without fear of having any serious health risk.

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Circulation Blend

Circulation Blend Ingredients

Inflammation Blend

Inflammation Blend Ingredients

Liver Blend

The liver is one of our most important organs. It is an amazing chemical plant for the process we call metabolism. Every minute it processes 30% of the blood circulating in your body.

It performs complex chemical reactions to remove toxins and distribute and store vital nutrients.

It chooses when to store and release nutrients so you have an even flow of energy.

It processes fats, carbohydrates, and proteins so your body can use them safely. It stores and releases vitamins as needed.

It constantly filters your blood, removing inhaled toxins, alcohol, harmful hormones, dead cells, and invading bacteria.

If health is a priority for you, you'll want your liver to be clean and healthy at all times.

This liver blend enhances the quality of bile and plays a role in the prevention of gall stones. It helps clean out the toxin filters in the liver. This helps prevent acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

A regular use of the Liver Blend will help prevent conditions like asthma and hay fever but also the more serious autoimmune diseases.

The Liver Blend performs an important support function in virtually every condition-migraines, PMS, flu, hepatitis and even emotional and mental conditions.

Working consistently and aromatically to maintain a healthy liver can have a profound influence on every aspect of your health.

Liver Blend Ingredients

Blending Instructions

The Liver Blend can be used in the same ways you would use the Digestion Blend.

Use a toothpick to stir a trace of the blend into water or into an herbal tea. In more medically oriented treatments, it is convenient to mix it 50:50 with carrier oil and take it in a gelatin capsule.

If you had a heavy (fatty) meal on the previous evening and wake up feeling like you have liver congestion, take a capsule.

The Liver Blend can be diluted at 5% in a carrier oil and massaged on the liver area, on the abdomen, and on the liver reflex points of the right foot.

The Liver Blend can also be used effectively as one of the layers in Back and Spinal Massage.

Increase the power of the Liver Blend to release liver congestion by adding a few drops of Peppermint into the blend. Mix the Liver Blend with the Digestion Blend 33:66 to enhance the action of both blends and create a synergy.

This blend and many others can be found in Bill Fifield's book available at Amazon. 

I highly recommend his book for the great advice he provides on the history and quality of essential oils as well as individual oils, blends, symptoms and usage. 

Integrated Guide to Essential Oils & Aromatherapy
by Bill Fifield  (forward by Dr. Daniel Penoel)

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