Citronella Essential Oil

Cymbopogon Winterianus 

Citronella Essential Oil is widely used to defend against annoying insects like mosquitoes in the back yard but did you know that it has medicinal value as well?

Medicinal uses such as supporting a normal immune system function as well as normal inflammatory responses; relieving sore muscles after a strenuous work-out: alleviating fever, intestinal parasites, digestive and menstrual problems and much more.

Read along with me and we will look at a few of Citronella's unique qualities.

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What is Citronella Essential Oil?

Let's start with some basic information; a brief description of where the oil comes from, what it contains and how it is obtained. The following information is provided by Bill Fifield in his book "Integrated Guide to Essential Oils & Aromatherapy".

This is a book that I highly recommend by the way.

About Citronella Essential Oil

Family:  Poaceae (Gramineae)
Origins:  Native to Java
Other Names:  Java citronella, Lenabatu citronella. Cymbopogon nardus and Cymbopogon winteriana
Description:  Tall aromatic perennial grass
Extraction:  Essential oil by steam distillation
Botanical Part Used: fresh and dried grass

Principal Constituents:  Mainly geraniol, citronellal with geranyl acetate, limonene, and camphene with monoterpene hydrocarbons.

Integrated Guide to Essential Oils & Aromatherapy
by Bill Fifield  (forward by Dr. Daniel Penoel)

Key Benefits

  • Defends against Insects
  • Soothes Sore Muscles
  • Helps relieve minor head and neck tension
  • Cleanses and purifies skin
  • Provides oxidant protection
  • Aids normal Immune system function
  • Supports a normal inflammatory response

Methods of Application


  • Possible skin sensitivity
  • Consult your physician before using if pregnant, nursing, taking medications or have a medical condition
  • Avoid your eyes, mucous membranes and sensitive skin
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Aromatically - Can be inhaled or diffused into the air
  • Topical - Can be applied to the skin (may require dilution with a carrier oil)
  • Internal - Can be taken internally in foods or beverages
  • Dilute - Requires dilution with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil

Suggested Uses


Citronella Essential Oil can be used to ease the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis.

Put 5 drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil like coconut oil and apply it to the areas of concern.

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Citronellal-induced disruption of membrane homeostasis in Candida albicans and attenuation of its virulence attributes.

There is an increasing burden of multi drug resistance in the medical establishment and as a result there has been a concerted effort to study the effects of natural substances with anti-fungal properties.

Citronella Essential Oil is one of the oils which has shown promise (along with Clove, Lemongrass and Lavender) for its ability to attack the cell membrane of Candida albicans.

Topical Use: Dilute 50:50 with a carrier oil and apply it to the affected area. Increase the dilution if you have sensitive skin.

Internal: Add a drop to drinking water mixed with honey for taste or include it in a gel capsule to consume once a day. Do not give to small children (under 6 years of age)

Other Oils for Candida   Main Page - Candida Cleanse

Digestive System

Add Citronella Essential Oil to an equal amount of a carrier oil and massage your abdomen in order to stimulate digestion and ease abdominal issues including colitis.

Add a drop to drinking water mixed with honey for taste or include it in a gel capsule to consume once a day. Do not give to small children (under 6 years of age)

Other Oils for Digestion   Main Page - Digestion Problems


Citronella Essential Oil works great to clean and deodorize because it is a great antiseptic that can kill many bacteria and fungal growths. It also has a pleasant aroma so your home will smell wonderful. 

For a nice fresh scent in the air diffuse about 20 drops.

Also add 10 - 20 drops in your household cleaning products.

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Diffuse 20 drops of Citronella Essential Oil to ease headaches/migraine pain.

Other Oils for Headache/Migraine

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Immune System

Diffuse 20 drops of Citronella Essential Oil to help strengthen your immune system especially during flu season.

Other Oils for Immune System


Citronella Essential Oil is a great antiseptic that can kill many bacteria and fungal growths.

Dilute 50:50 with a carrier oil and apply it to the affected area. Increase the dilution if you have sensitive skin.

Add a drop to drinking water mixed with honey for taste or include it in a gel capsule to consume once a day. Do not give to small children (under 6 years of age)

Other Oils for Infection

Insect Repellent

I am sure you have probably purchased those citronella candles to burn in your back yard in order to keep the mosquitoes away.

Citronella Essential Oil works in the same way. 

You can dilute 5 drops in a teaspoon of water or your choice of carrier oil and use it as a personal repellent.

You can also diffuse it into the air where you are sitting.

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Nerve Pain

To ease neuralgia pain apply 5 drops of citronella in a teaspoon of carrier oil.

Other Oils for Nerve Pain

Pain Management

Citronella Essential Oil can be mixed with an equal amount of carrier oil such as coconut oil and massaged into sore muscles and joints for soothing relief after physical exertion.

Skin Treatment

Citronella Essential Oil can be used to assist your existing skin care products address oily skin/perspiration.

Just add a couple drops to each application of lotion (or 20 drops to 8 oz) to enhance their effect.

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Combine With Other Oils

Blends well with: 

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Where Can I Get These Oils?

I don't sell oils but here are my
recommended sources.

The companies I use and recommend guarantee the quality of their oils and I believe you will be satisfied with all your purchases, I am.

If you have any questions/concerns feel free to contact me.

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